Can I customize furniture pieces? 

Yes, some of our pieces of furniture can be customized.  We also offer custom paint colors for a small fee.  Please email or call us for details.

When can I expect my order to be finished? 

Lead times change from month to month.  The average lead time is 8 to 10 weeks with additional time necessary for custom commissions.

Can I purchase a piece of furniture unfinished? 

Yes, all pieces of furniture are available unfinished.

Do the prices of furniture increase or decrease depending on the type of wood that is selected? 

Yes, Walnut, Cherry or Tiger Maple are more expensive than Maple or Pine.  There is a charge for all upgrades from our standard wood options.

Is there a showroom where I can view the furniture? 

Yes, we have a showroom in Warren, Rhode Island and we are also carried by dealers throughout the Northeast and in some states throughout the US.  Please email or call to see if there is a dealer in your area.

Do you provide any restoration or repair service? 

Yes, but only on O&G - Warren Chair Works products.  Customers are responsible for getting their pieces to our shop.  Feasibility and cost of a repair is at the sole discretion of O&G – Warren Chair Works.

What types of woods are used in making the chairs? 

Our chairs are made with the woods that were used 200 years ago in 1, 2 and 3 wood construction techniques.  We use only domestic hard and soft woods.  Our woods include: white pine, hard maple, soft maple, black walnut, ash and cherry.

Do you give tours of your shop? 

Yes.  We encourage you to call or email to set up an appointment for a shop tour.

Where is your furniture made? 

All of our furniture is American made by our craftsmen at our shop in Warren, RI out of domestically sourced, sustainable materials using local vendors.