When can I expect my order to be finished? 

Our average lead time is 8 to 10 weeks.  Please feel free to contact us for current lead times. 


Are custom finishes available?

Many finishes seen on our site are available, although we have curated a list of our customer's favorites over the past 34 years.  Please contact us prior to placing an order if you are interested in learning more about a finish that is not in the drop-down menu.  For example, any custom Benjamin Moore paint color is available for an Order Fee of $250.


Pine vs. Maple Seats

Pine seats are more traditional.  They are lighter in weight and softer on the body -  making for a very comfortable chair.  Maple seats are heavier and more scratch resistant than pine.  The upcharge for Maple seats is due to the cost of lumber as well as labor hours shaping a harder wood.


What types of woods are used in making the chairs? 

Our chairs are made with the woods that were used 200 years ago in 2 and 3 wood construction techniques.  We use only domestic hard and soft woods.  Our seats are made from 2" thick white pine (soft maple seat option available).  Each seat is scooped and shaped to form the comfortable saddle signature of a 200-year-old Windsor.  Backs and rails are bent from ash, a wood recognized in the 1700's for its unique bending qualities, its strength and flexibility. Maple is the wood of choice for larger turnings such as legs and stretchers.  Its tight grain structure lends itself perfectly to deep and intricate turnings that our New England legs are famous for.  Keeping in the traditional style, our fine furniture is made without nails or screws.  The leg tenons are brought up through the top of the seat, then glued and wedged into place.  The spindles are brought through the arm or bow, and then glued and wedged as well.  This process, although time-consuming, assures a tight fit top and bottom. This true-to-our-history craftsmanship is essential in producing a chair of enduring strength and value.


It says shipping is free.  Is it? 

Yes.  All prices include shipping to the Contiguous 48 States unless otherwise specified.  Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and International will incur additional shipping costs.


Is there a showroom where I can view the furniture? 

Yes, we have a showroom in Warren, Rhode Island, and we are also carried by a few dealers in the Northeast.  Please email or call to see if there is a dealer in your area.


Can I purchase a piece of furniture unfinished? 

Yes, all pieces of furniture are available unfinished, however there is no discount.  Please call to specify this option.


What's happening on the rubbed through Paint Finishes? 

The rubbing, also known as 'wear,' is a technique of removing paint to somewhat mimic the natural use of an old chair.  The final coat of paint is applied and wiped through while still wet to achieve this look.  The hand process of rubbing produces a beautiful finish that leaves each chair with a somewhat unique distress.  The amount of rubbing is not customizable, as it is a very organic process.


Do you provide any restoration or repair service? 



Do you give tours of your shop? 

Yes.  We encourage you to call or email to set up an appointment for a shop tour.


Where is your furniture made? 

All of our furniture is made by our craftsmen at our shop in Warren, RI. 


What is your return policy? 

All of our furniture is made to order.  Therefore we cannot accept refunds.  We encourage you to use our measurements to confirm that all pieces ordered are exactly what you are looking for.